Displacement Sites, 2011

(16mm film transferred to HD) 8:45, 2011

- Double Back (curated by Rob Lye), Store Association, London 2014 
- BABA Festival, Rome, 2013
- Milton Keynes Gallery, 'MK Calling' Exhibition, Milton Keynes, 2013
- Our Quaking Vale Screening, University of Colorado at Boulder, USA 2012
- My Dance The Skull presents Secret Anarchy Garden, London, 2011
- Fishmarket Gallery, Northampton UK, 2011

"...alien piping, sacks, dust, containers, displacement site(s), balloon disappearances…"

A family, along with their many pets, appear to have settled on the periphery of modern society. A haze of illuminated floats flash through an unseasonably warm evening.
Captured over the course of a weekend. Edited in-camera on 16mm, collaged with found and composed sound.

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