Heavy Feet, 2015

Arnolfini Gallery, Bristol, August 2015

Heavy Feet was a sonic intervention and experiment into the fabric of Arnolfini and its immediate surroundings. When visiting public buildings, the sound of footsteps is often heightened within connecting spaces such as corridors and staircases, amplifying the transient nature of these environments. Beginning with a workshop, participants were encouraged to experiment with methods of exaggerated walking as a sonic act. Using a variety of materials attached to clothing, shoes and the body, participants created novel ways of enhancing their footsteps.

These sonic findings were then performed, collectively sounding the shared architectural spaces of Arnolfini and harbour front, creating a live sound piece exploring the relationship between the act of walking and architecture.

Heavy Feet was part of the programme for Richard Long's Time and Space Exhibition. 

Photos by Caroline Wendling & Tim Gill
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