Tom White | Selected Activity | May 2019 

British Composer Award 2014 for Sonic Art (Public Address, 2013, South London Gallery)

Selected Performances
Hand in Hand (Choreographed by Chisato Minamimura), Dance City, Newcastle, March 2019
Colour Out of Space Festival, Brighton, April 2019 
Horse Hospital Al Fresco Trio (w/ Lia Mazzari & Sholto Dobie), London, 14th March 2019 
News of the World Gallery, Deptford (Curated by Calling Cards Publishing) 23rd February 2019
Dronica Festival, Old Church London, October 26th 2018
Access Space (with Kieron Piercy), Sheffield, November 10th 2018
SOLO DUO TRIO (with Lucia H Chung & Lia Mazzari) Café OTO Project Space, October 10th 2018
ELECTROPIXEL, IKLECTIK, London, August 21st 2018 
Milton Keynes Gallery, 3rd February 2018 
Whitechapel Gallery, Curated by Calling Cards Publishing, 2018
BRAUBLFF, De Player, Rotterdam; Pinkie Bowtie, Antwerp, 2018 
Radiophrenia, CCA Glasgow, November, 2017
Zaratan, Lisbon, April 2017
Cafe OTO with Marc Matter, January 2017
Art's Birthday, E-WERK, Freiburg, January 2017
Is it eating you? IMT Gallery, November 21st 2015
Café Oto, London, July 17th 2015
Spoken Weird, Whitechapel Gallery, September 27th 2014
Psyché Tropes Launch event, Apiary Studios, London, August 29th 2014. Performance with Mark Peter Wright
Poesia Carnosa Festival, Rome, November 7th 2014
Baragan Sound System (Open Music Archive) MK Gallery, June14th 2014
Ende Tymes Festival, Silent Barn, New York, 10th May 2014
Journey to the Centre of the Gut, Guy's Hospital, 14th March 2014 (with Dom James and his Alvine Argonauts)
Duo with Vasco Alves, Horse Improv Club, Dog House, London, February 25th 2014
Duo with Sindre Bjerga, Ryan's Bar, London, 21st February, 2014
Performance, ASC Studio (Notes on an Autobiography), London, 25th January 2014
Hideous Porta 8, Ryan's Bar, London, 15th December 2013
Fractal Meat on a Spongy Bone, NTS Radio (Live Set) 29th November 2013
Colour Out Of Space Festival, Brighton, 8-10th November 2013
Secret Anarchy Garden (My Dance The Skull), The Yard, London, 11th October
Live solo, V22, London 9th June: MKG/Agency (Entr’acte & MDTS Antistrophe)
LUX Moving Image & Hackney Film Festival, Cafe Oto, 2012

Hither Green Festival, London 2018
MK Calling, MK Gallery, 2017
Launch Pad: DANCEHALL 11, Castlefield Gallery, Manchester, November 13th - 22nd 2015
I'M Ten, IMT Gallery, London, September 4th - 2nd October 2015
Heavy Feet, Workshop & Performance, Arnolfini Bristol, August 8th 2015
South London Gallery, We Are Us And You Are You: Live Listening Party, July 6th 2014
Journey to the Centre of the Gut, Guy's Hospital, 14th March 2014 (with Dom James and his Alvine Argonauts)
Double Back, Screening, Store Association London, 5th March 2014
At the moment of being heard, South London Gallery, London, 28th June - 20th July 2013
MK Calling, Milton Keynes Gallery, 2013
Happening! Power Lunches, London May 24th 2013
UNPlaced, Rochford Essex, (with Amy Frampton) Secret Location, 2013
Spill Festival National Platform, Ipswich Art School Gallery, November 2012
Sublimation, Curated by SoundFjord Oboro, Montreal

Curated Projects
Anton Bruhin Spills The Beans, Café OTO, London 2018 (With Marc Matter)
Apologies in Advance, Work in Progress events series, 2016 - Ongoing
V22, London 9th June: MKG/Agency (Entr’acte & MDTS Antistrophe)
With LUX Moving Image & Hackney Film Festival, Cafe Oto, 2012

Kingston University, Creative Sound Design, Visiting Lecture, 2018
Royal College of Art, British Earways, 2018 - ongoing
Royal College of Art, Learning to Listen (Bang and Olufsen) 2016 
Shrishti, Bangalore India - Makeshift Music, 2013  
ReCreative Film School, South London Gallery, 2013
Play Local, South London Gallery, 2013
National Portrait Gallery, 2013
MK Gallery / MK arts for Health, 2012

Web-based projects
What Does The Internet Sound Like? Radio Event, Stress FM & Echoes, 30th November - 1st December 2013
Quiet Place, Curated by David Blamey, Electric Spring Contemporary Music Festival, Huddersfield, 2013
128kbps Objects Or-bits Online Radio Exhibition ('Bats & Ping Pong: Trio') 2012

Run Amok CD/DL Glistening Examples (USA)  
Summer Crash (CD with Maya Dunietz - Singing Knives Records, 2017)
Automated Evangelism, (Cassette, Vitrine, 2016)
Commemoratives, (Cassette, Tutore Burlato, 2016) 
Art-Speak: A Glossary, Contribution to Publication by South London Gallery / REcreative
Reconstruction (Alien Passengers, 2014)
Water Information (with Sindre Bjerga - Total Vermin 2014)
Thrown for Two Loop (with Sean Julian & Gen Ken Montgomery - Chocolate Monk 2014)
Routine Happenings - Extended Variations (Chocolate Monk, 2013)
Corrugated (Cassette, Imminent Frequencies, 2013)
Tape Works (C40 Cassette, My Dance The Skull, 2013)
Exposures 42 & 48 (C20 Cassette, My Dance The Skull, 2012)
Voice Studies (C20 Cassette, My Dance The Skull, 2011)
False Ponds (C20 Cassette, My Dance The Skull 2010)
In Poor Visibility (CD, Hibernate, 2010)
A Well Known Phrase (CD, Under The Spire, 2009)
Sight See (CD, Smallfish, 2009)