Inventory, 2015

Castlefield Gallery, DANCEHALL 11, November 12th - 22nd 2015
Installation, Dimensions Variable. Sound piece (performed by Stephen Collins) Stereo audio, Duration 6:30 UV print on perspex, 81x110 cm. Acoustic Underlay, 46db soundproofing, felt & rubber, 204x137, 204x137, 244x137 cm

Inventory (2015) incluqdes a sound recording of deaf actor Stephen Collins performing an inventory (both real and imagined) of the gallery space. Without the visual information of sign language we are left with the bodily sounds and the occasional fragmented word. Suspended through the middle of the space, above acoustic sound proofing cut to mirror the measurements of the platforms in the gallery (used throughout DANCEHALL 11 for performances and interventions), is an image of a found performance environment that happened elsewhere. The removal of key visual imagery and human presence work to set attention on the current environment.
Photo: Cristina Pedreira PĂ©rez
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