Medina Vibrations (Brachliegen Tapes, 2023) 
Side down (Anathema Archive, 2020) 
Run Amok (Glistening Examples CD/DL, 2018)
Commemoratives (Tutore Burlato, 2016) 
Automated Evangelism (Vitrine, 2016)
Reconstruction (Alien Passengers, 2014)
Routine Happenings - Extended Variations (Chocolate Monk, 2013)
Corrugated (Cassette, Imminent Frequencies, 2013)
Tape Works Cassette, My Dance The Skull, 2013)
Exposures 42 & 48 (Cassette, My Dance The Skull, 2012)
Voice Studies (Cassette, My Dance The Skull, 2011)
False Ponds (Cassette, My Dance The Skull 2010)
In Poor Visibility (CD, Hibernate, 2010)
A Well Known Phrase (CD, Under The Spire, 2009)
Sight See (3" CD, Smallfish, 2009)

Accidental Stereo on the Peninsula (with Renato Grieco) Apologies Imprint, 2021
Lettura di onda (with Lia Mazzari) Takuroku, 2020
i've had it up to hear with fish and chips (with Ben Ellul-Knight) Calling Cards Publishing, LP, 2019
Awkward Objects (with Stuart Chalmers) Fractal Meat Cuts CASSETTE, 2018)
Summer Crash (with Maya Dunietz) SINGING KNIVES 2016 
Live Balls (with Graham Dunning & John Macedo) DL/Object, Black Plume Editions 2017 (Image below)
You Are a New Creature (With Graham Dunning) Fractal Meat Cuts, 2015
Thrown for Two Loop (with Sean Julian & Gen Ken Montgomery) Chocolate Monk 2014
Water Information (with Sindre Bjerga) Total Vermin 2014)