Side down (Anathema Archive, 2020) 
Run Amok (Glistening Examples CD/DL, 2018)
Commemoratives (Tutore Burlato, 2016) 
Automated Evangelism (Vitrine, 2016)
Reconstruction (Alien Passengers, 2014)
Routine Happenings - Extended Variations (Chocolate Monk, 2013)
Corrugated (Cassette, Imminent Frequencies, 2013)
Tape Works Cassette, My Dance The Skull, 2013)
Exposures 42 & 48 (Cassette, My Dance The Skull, 2012)
Voice Studies (Cassette, My Dance The Skull, 2011)
False Ponds (Cassette, My Dance The Skull 2010)
In Poor Visibility (CD, Hibernate, 2010)
A Well Known Phrase (CD, Under The Spire, 2009)
Sight See (3" CD, Smallfish, 2009)

i've had it up to hear with fish and chips (with Ben Ellul-Knight) Calling Cards Publishing, LP, 2019
Awkward Objects (with Stuart Chalmers) Fractal Meat Cuts CASSETTE, 2018)
Summer Crash (with Maya Dunietz) SINGING KNIVES 2016 
Live Balls (with Graham Dunning & John Macedo) DL/Object, Black Plume Editions 2017 (Image below)
You Are a New Creature (With Graham Dunning) Fractal Meat Cuts, 2015
Thrown for Two Loop (with Sean Julian & Gen Ken Montgomery) Chocolate Monk 2014
Water Information (with Sindre Bjerga) Total Vermin 2014)